honeymoon in the beach

A wonderful honeymoon in Madagascar

There are many destinations in the world where we can spend our honeymoon, but Madagascar is a unique destination that will make your couple thrive during your stay.

Who says original marriage says original honeymoon. Located in the Indian Ocean near Africa, Madagascar is an island inviting to travel. It is still one of the rare destinations where one can calmly appreciate the natural beauty of its unique landscapes in the world. Swap your wedding dress and your wedding suit for a swimsuit and discover this magical island…

When to go on honeymoon in Madagascar?

A dry season which runs from April to October and a rainy season from November to March characterize the Madagascan climate. However, significant variations depending on the regions should be noted: more humidity in the east, with a very narrowed dry season, and on the contrary a clearly scorching and prolonged dry period in the south

The best time to visit Madagascar is, therefore, the dry season. Avoiding the months between June and September in the east, which always experiences abundant rain in this season.

Why choose Madagascar for your honeymoon?


Diversity of landscapes and populations, Madagascar will never cease to charm and surprise you throughout your journey.

The capital, Antananarivo, is made up of twelve hills. There is also the Andravoahangy market with its artisans, the botanical and zoological park, and the bustling Ville-Haute.


The Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve is a huge protected site. With rock formations in the shape of needles, an astonishing landscape to be discovered.

The island of Sainte-Marie or Nosy Be will offer you a haven of peace, with its coconut palms and its white sand, its waters where you can practice diving and perhaps observe the humpback whales of which it is the place of predilection in summer.

Ranomafana National Park brings together countless species of animals and plant species. For instance: lemurs, birds, chameleons, lemurs, frolicking among giant orchids and bamboos, recreating a true tropical paradise.


Fort-Dauphin, in the extreme south-east, will give you the feeling of being at the end of the world with its colonnaded houses and its sumptuous landscapes where luxuriant vegetation borders with more desert parts.

Finally, trekking enthusiasts will be able to explore the Isalo National Park, discover its unique relief. It has a strange shape, its canyons, its torrents with crystal clear waters. And also its amazing fauna like crocodiles and giant bats, among others.

Authentic exceptional accommodation and spicy flavors

Madagascar has wonderful complexes for your honeymoon: in bungalows, guest houses, eco-lodges or exceptional hotels, you will find it difficult to choose from these magnificent infrastructures, from the most authentic to the most luxurious.

Walk the restaurants of grilled fish and shellfish, and also taste the delicious vanilla chicken or coconut milk… a delight! You will have the choice of hiking, diving, canoeing or dhow trips. It all depends on what you like.