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Nosy be, the perfume island

Nosy Be is the most famous of the Malagasy Islands and certainly the most beautiful too. The island is about 900 km from Antananarivo (about 18 hours).

Nosy Be is the most famous of the Malagasy Islands and certainly the most beautiful too. The island is about 900 km from Antananarivo (about 18 hours). The road to get there is not very good but as we say “the more it is far, the better it is!” Traveling by car is not a self-flagellation, because in Madagascar, not everyone can afford a plane trip. By cons you can also go by plane but the car is recommended if you want adventure.

An island of breathtaking beauty!

Nosy Be is a very welcoming city, very touristy and where bajaj (three-wheeled vehicles imported from India) are kings. Local residents are friendly people, accustomed to the presence of vacationers on their land. Also known as the perfume island, Nosy be is popular with celebrities who come for a short break. In addition, you would be entitled to the boat of Bill Gates moored not far from the port with a little luck.

The island is a mix of colors and sensations: the blue of the sea, the green of the lush vegetation, the soft sand under the feet, the taste of shrimps with coconut milk, the tropical fruits, and the song melodious lemurs. We do not have the words to explain it but if paradise existed in Madagascar, it would undoubtedly be on this small piece of land!

Visit of the islets and the island by car

Of the twelve islets that make up the archipelago of Nosy Be, you can visit them all, but the most interesting ones to visit are Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely by rallying them to the speedboat. You surely appreciate the beautiful beaches of Nosy Tanikely: the water is a turquoise soothing and translucent, you will be like in a postcard. You can also practice scuba diving.

The park of Nosy Komba meanwhile, has a gold mine for lovers of fauna and flora. There are lemurs, giant tortoises, snakes, lizards and a plethora of endemic plants.

After visiting the islets, return to Nosy Be to make a complete tour of the island by car. The opportunity to discover the village of Marodoka, the haunted house, the large market of Nosy Be, plantations and distillatory of ylang-ylang (this plant whose essence is very popular with international cosmetics brands), the Famous Andilana Beach, “Fascène” Airport, some remnants of the colonial era, and finally the sacred lakes that are all linked to a local legend.

The beautiful view of Nosy be

After visiting all these islets and doing all the activities around the island, you can go to the panoramic terrace of Mount Passot (the highest peak of Nosy Be) to finish in style. It is a real favorite place to admire the sunset, the one seen only once in his life. Take off your sunglasses, do not take a picture so you do not lose a single crumb of this show, and just enjoy the beauty of nature. From time to time, you have to know how to free yourself from selfies all the time to fully enjoy the moment.

A few years ago, it was reserved for foreign tourists and Malagasy of the wealthy class. But thanks to the proliferation of cheap holiday offers on Nosy Be, the destination is now more accessible to all budgets.

In any case Nosy Be is the place to go for lovers of idleness and good live!