Travel Wishes

The year 2021 for Natura Travel

We wish everyone, without exception, happiness, health and success, and we wish you a year rich in professional and family projects.

The year 2020 has been a rather tumultuous year for all sectors especially for the tourism, travel and hospitality sector. No one suspected that a virus would spread across the world at the start of the year and wreak so much havoc in its path. Because of this virus, we could not visit the places of our dreams, spend unforgettable moments with family, friends or as a couple. We were unable to discover new cultures, customs, gastronomy and more. Despite this, we must always be positive because the best days are yet to come. For Natura Travel, this new year 2021 is a year of hope and success. We will always do our best to promote our beautiful island which is begging to be discovered.

How to discover Madagascar remotely?

With today’s technology, you can do it all from your computer or smartphone. We just need the internet, and sometimes we don’t even need the internet. For those who want to discover and learn more about Madagascar, there are several websites or blogs that provide information about the Big Island. Natura Travel itself has its own blog where you can find out about the culture, places to visit, flora and fauna, and much more.

You can discover the places using applications like Google Earth for example, you can also look at photos on the internet to see the reality of things and the beauty of nature in Madagascar. The solutions for those who do not have the internet is to go to bookshops and pick up books on Madagascar and to educate yourself and inform you through these books. Books on Madagascar usually have pictures, so you can read while looking at the corresponding pictures.

How are trips organized by Natura Travel during this period?

Natura Travel always organizes trips for those who want to discover the island. Our country was fortunate enough to bring the pandemic under control, so it is possible for us to travel across the country. Nosy Be international airport has even been opened, and it is possible to travel to Madagascar, however, if your country does not allow you to do so, there is not much we can do. On the other hand, if you can make the trip there will be tests to pass and specific rules to follow to avoid any risk of contamination.

The trips are not only for people coming from abroad but also for locals. As we can travel all over the country without any risk, we encourage local tourism and encourage Malagasy people to visit their beautiful country. When we are used to living in a place, we often forget to see their beauties because life becomes a routine. It is precisely to get out of this routine that Natura Travel offers discovery tours to locals at an attractive price.

What are Natura Travel’s wishes for this year?

Our wishes are simple for this new year. First of all, we wish everyone, without exception, happiness, health and success, and we wish you a year rich in professional and family projects. For those who lost their jobs or those who lost everything, better days will come, we must always be positive. We’ve lost almost everything in this story as well, but we’ve recovered, and we’re going to make this New Year the best it can be. We have a lot of plans for this new year that we hope will come true and also that we will share with travel lovers when the time comes. May this year bring us nothing but happiness and success.